COVID-19: protective measures within the dance school


From 12 years old, wearing a mask is compulsory within the school grounds.

Temperature monitoring devices are available at each entrance.

Students with symptoms of any illness should stay home. If a student with symptoms shows up in class, they will be sent home.

1. Access to the school

Two accesses are planned in order to limit crossings between students: one at the usual entrance, rue de la Coulouvrenière (for studios A, B, C and G) and one at the quai des Forces Motrices (for studios D, E and F). Please refer to the schedule to know your studio.

As far as possible, students dress in dancewear to avoid clogging the locker rooms as much as possible.

The contact between the participants before and after the lessons is reduced to a minimum. Students are requested to arrive no earlier than 10 minutes before the start of their course and to leave the premises as soon as possible after the end of the class.

2. Children classes

Up to the age of 7, only one accompanying person per child is allowed to enter the school premises.

Parents should know the name of their child’s teacher. This can be found in the confirmation email.

Children from 8 years old come by themselves through the designated entrance (Coulouvrenière or Rhône side), parents or accompanying persons stay outside the building and pick up the children at the end of their lesson in the same spot.

3. Hygiene in the school

The following precautions are applied:

Students must wash their hands or disinfect themselves with hydroalcoholic gel before entering the studios (available at the doors of each dance studio).

People working in the dance school are instructed to wash their hands regularly with soap and water.

Towels in sanitary facilities are replaced by disposable towels.

The studios will be ventilated between each lesson.

Areas affected and used regularly (bars, sound systems, door and window handles, switches will be cleaned with detergent before each group entry.

In the classes
The minimum distance instruction of 1.50m will apply between the students and with the teacher.
There will be no physical or tactile contact between teachers, students and parents before, during or after lessons. This applies both to the teachers (no tactile corrections, for example) and to the participants among themselves (no exercises with a partner, pas de deux, no contact improvisation, etc.).

For all questions, please favor contact by email or phone. A big thank you to all for scrupulously respecting these instructions in order to ensure a safe, peaceful and lasting recovery !!!