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Classes are accessible to all who enjoy dance and are looking for artistic enrichment in the practice of this art students can start at any age in any of the disciplines taught. Several levels of courses are offered in most techniques from beginner to advanced.

For students wishing to begin or consolidate learning Ballet technique or in addition to another discipline to acquire the basics (placement, maintenance, technique). Classes for adults propose five levels from beginner to advanced.

The work of this course is primarily done on the ground. Its goal is strengthening muscles while becoming aware of their functions. It also allows relaxing, working on opening and joint rotation. Barre à Terre and relaxation are an excellent complement to Ballet, Jazz and Modern Dance.

Exercise system developed in the early XXth century by Joseph Pilates. This is a program to rebalance all body muscles focusing on core muscles involved in balance and maintaining the spine. This method helps to strengthen weak muscles and to relax tensed ones taking into account breathing patterns during the execution of movement, proper alignment of the spine and maintaining good general posture.

Excellent complement to Ballet classes, combining exercises of Floor Barre with the use of Fit Ball. The ball is in motion beneath the body, an interesting proprioception for posture and weight placement, while sensing each muscle group. One experiments the use of muscle memory to improve placement, alignment and stability. Strengthening of muscularity in a context of stretching. An innovative program, linked to the respect of the anatomy in movement, tensions are released. Children, adult and advanced programs contain and reserve you many tools.

Born on American soil, Jazz Dance is a lively popular art that developed following various trends. It harmoniously combines rhythms, styles and techniques deemed incompatible and relies as much on demanding technique as on true feeling. It is a vibrant dance based on energy, syncopated rhythms, silences, dynamics and swing, that encourages individual expression and «feeling». There are as many styles of Jazz Dance as teachers of the discipline. Using jazzy, soul, electronic or R&B music.
The course unfolds in three stages :
Warming up, body placement, coordination, ground work and stretching
Moving technique (spins, jumps…)
Dance sequences

Originated in the United States, Street Dance is a generic term and does not designate a specific discipline but rather a combination of Urban and Modern’Jazz. Music is usually R&B. Jazz Street Dance is a current trend we see in video clips, TV shows etc.

Coming from essentially hip hop bases (girly style, voguing waacking), “Heels” responds to a need of contemporary women to assume and exist by finding their own style.
On her heels or in sneakers, each woman will find in these classes a way to free herself, to express or conquer her femininity.

Contemporary dance classes is primarily a space to allow the body to recover its cheerful nature, its flexibility and spontaneity. It is for the student to rediscover the original sensation of movement inside one’s body and to project this feeling outward, to express artistic emotion in space and time. The technical aspect is addressed in a fun way to safely permit enjoying true freedom in physical expression. The course is primarily focused on letting go, the concepts of breathing, visualization and feeling, fluidity in speed, movement in space and work relative to the floor.

Directly inspired by the street dance of the black American ghetto, Hip-Hop has found a very warm welcome with the general public because it allows an easy approach to dance, it also reflects a young and current state of mind. Energy, dynamism, speed of movement and physical fitness are required for this course which starts with a quick warm-up and continues with learning choreography to R&B, funky music.

House-Dance is a social and street dance mostly danced to music that has its roots in the clubs of Chicago and New York. The main elements of House-Dance are “Footwork”, “Jacking” and “Lofting”. It is an often improvised dance that emphasizes quick and complex steps, focused on the feet, combined with fluid movements of the torso, as well as floor work.

Mix of Hip-Hop and Afro-Jamaican Dance, incorporating attitudes of African Dance and Jazz, Dancehall is characterized by the undulations of the pelvis and torso. A street dance approach adds a sensual side. This is an energetic dance to catchy rhythms and a strong group dynamic emerges from this course, that boosts participants to have fun. Accessible from age 15.

Discipline combining the art of movement and percussion, Taps originate from the meeting of Irish folklore and African American culture. Using various musical genres, jazz, musical, South American rhythms, acid-jazz, funk and even acapella, courses include a first part of exercises to develop rhythm and technical steps and a second reserved for sequences and choreography.

This course is for anyone wishing to experiment a unique approach to dance inspired by the Afro-Brazilian culture in all its dynamics and symbolic richness. Preparation and conditioning of the body with elements of the Silvestre Technique, followed by a work of movements and sequences that prepare to choreographies. These are gradually addressed within a framework of creative freedom for the expression of the student through dance.

Whether you’re an athlete, a top-level dancer or not, surprising resources will reveal themselves to you in the practice of these exercises. They were created by ex-Star dancer Alexandre MUNZ, to repair himself and avoid back surgery, fourteen years before the fascia revolution that is so much in the news around the world.
MUNZ FLOOR® is a method with phenomenal regenerative power, providing greater flexibility and tone.

The spiral movements you practice are made possible by your crossed muscle chains, deep muscles: when they contract to forge the circular movements, your straight muscle chains on the surface automatically relax. With MUNZ FLOOR® movements performed extremely slowly, the effects are greater, quicker to emerge, and longer-lasting.

Flamenco is a highly structured art form traditionally using singing, dancing, guitar and clapping. Shaped by the experience of joy and suffering, Flamenco expresses the deepest human emotions with a rare intensity. Learning Flamenco explores and develops the expressive capabilities of one’s body to better feel the life force we possess but do not always access. Combining rigor and pleasure in learning various styles that make up Flamenco, the course is divided as follows: technical (warm-up, rhythm, posture) and practicing sequences of steps and choreography.

Gym classes tailored to the capabilities of each addressing all those wishing to maintain their independence and improve their daily lives.
Five different courses over the month:
ABT (Abs, Butt, Thighs)
Gymstick (muscle building)
Cardio (cardiovascular work + ABT)
Swiss Ball (groin and abdominal muscles)
Pilates (strengthening of deep
postural muscles)
The Stretching course focuses on body posture, smoothly maintaining flexibility.

Latin and other dances combined with dynamic fitness movements. Open to all throughout the year. The course unfolds as follows :
Warm-up with various sequences found in short choreographies.
Cooldown: return to calm with stretching of the most used muscles.

The goal of Essentrics® training is to create a balanced body such that your muscular strength does not inhibit your movement, but enhances your mobility. In this sense, Essentrics® dynamically combines strengthening and stretching to develop a strong and toned body, able to move each joint and each muscle freely with an optimal range of motion.

For the past 10 years, Marie Nespolo has been studying yoga every summer with master Venkateshacharya in Mysore, India. After a 2-month Hatha Yoga teaching certificate, she practiced back bending and increasingly advanced asanas.

Today she teaches deep, dynamic yoga based on Hatha Yoga. It consists not only of asanas, but also kriyas, pranayama (breathing), relaxation (savasana) and meditation. The asanas reach all parts of the body, including the organs. They act on the heart, endocrine glands, blood circulation and digestive system.

A session accessible to all, it is aimed at those who wish to deepen their practice, as well as complete beginners, with formulas adapted to each individual.In this class, we learn to recognize our limits and find the courage to go beyond them. The aim is to strengthen, soften and heal body and mind.

Pure, high-quality yoga for mastering body and mind. A physical and mental refocusing.

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