Access to dance-study is conditioned by good natural predispositions and a real desire to engage in more intensive work.

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This program is intended for students with physical predispositions for dance and wishing to invest in more intensive and rigorous work. Each student benefits from personalized supervision and special attention. The dance class program is compatible with cycle and college education.

Thanks to a specific arrangement of timetables, these classes offer students the opportunity to receive an academic education until maturity while continuing their artistic training.

We advise students who wish to follow this course to attend the dance audition which gives access to “sport-art-studies” classes in the orientation cycle (12-15 years old) and then in college (15-19 years old).

A limited number of students are admitted to these classes and each is personally monitored. Evaluations are given to them in December and June after the end-of-year exams.

Students who have not obtained satisfactory results at the end of the year will be redirected to a less demanding program, allowing them to progress harmoniously and at their own pace.

At the end of the Dance-Study cycle, students who wish to continue their training enter the Pre-Professional program.

Weekly Program

Study 1

Age 9

Study 2

Age 10

Study 3

Age 11

Study 4

Age 12


Students who have not obtained sufficient results at the end of the year will be directed to a less demanding program, allowing them to continue to grow serenely and at their own pace, so as not to encourage young people to persevere on a path too arduous for them.

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