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Please take notice of the fees, the internal rules and the terms and conditions on this page before completing your registration.

Registrations are accepted for a full school year (10 months, from September to June).
Registrations of shorter duration may be granted in exceptional cases by making a written request to the management.

The school accepts registrations during the year, depending on available places, under the same conditions as below.

Each student is requested to complete the registration form and to read the internal rules. For minors, parental consent is mandatory.

The validated registration form serves as a commitment for the full academic year. However, a termination is possible on 31st January only by sending an email or letter to the management before December 20th.

No resignation, except in case of force majeure, will be accepted beyond this date and the school fees remain entirely due until the end of the school year.

Any change of course during the year (change of discipline or level) must be the subject of a written request to the secretariat.


School fees are based on an annual flat rate spread over 10 month and include the official school and bank holidays, which are not deductible. The fees are to be paid at the beginning of each month, by payment slip or at the reception in cash. Recall fees are charged 5.-.


The pupil (or his legal representative) is obliged to inform the school of his absence from classes. Missed lessons are not deductible but can be replaced at any time during the current school year and in all disciplines. For this, a catch-up voucher must be withdrawn beforehand from the secretariat. Courses falling on the official school holidays or holidays are not replaceable.

In case of force majeure (accident / illness requiring to stop the courses for more than two weeks) and on the basis of a medical certificate, the amount due for the courses will be credited in your favour (we do not make refund). In this case, the certificate must be sent to us in the month following the break, otherwise the amount remains due.

For people visiting Geneva or with irregular schedules. Classes cards are paid for in cash at the secretariat and are not transferable or refundable. In the event of illness or accident and upon presentation of a medical certificate within one month of stopping, the validity of the card will be extended. The school reserves the right to refuse cards for access to certain classes (full classes or studios limiting the number of students). Registration and choice of courses (maximum 2) is mandatory.

Students have the opportunity to take trial lessons before their final registration. Each trial lesson is CHF 25.- for teenagers and adults and CHF 20.- for children.


Ages 3 - 7 ans - Creative Movement / Initiation

Awakening/Initiation 80.-/month 150.-/mois 220.-/mois
Gigogne Card 75.-/month 140.-/month 205.-/month

From age 8

1 class/week 98.-/month 88.-/month
2 classes/week 180.-/month 170.-/month
3 classes/week 240.-/month 230.-/month
4 cours/week 295.-/month 285.-/month
5 cours/week 345.-/month 335.-/month
6 classes/week 400.-/month 390.-/month
7 classes/week 440.-/month 430.-/month
8 cours/week 480.-/month 470.-/month
9 cours/week 530.-/month 520.-/month
Individual Flat Rate 550.-/month


Isolated class 30.-
Child trial course 20.-
Adult trial class 25.-


1 Awakening / Initiation class + 1 other class Application of the reduced rate
Students from 18 years old Application of the reduced rate

* The discounts are also applicable for members of the same family (cumulative classes) as well as students from age 18 upon presentation of the student card.

Pre-Professional Formation

Study 5 475.-/month
S.A.E. Class 500.-/month


Per class 15.-
5 classes card 75.-
10 classes card 150.-

Individual cards

Cards without subscription, for people (adults only) passing through Geneva or having irregular hours. Class cards are neither transferable nor refundable. In the event of illness or accident and upon presentation of a medical certificate within the month following the stoppage, the validity of the card will be extended. The school reserves the right to refuse cards for access to certain courses (full courses or studios limiting the number of students). Registration and choice of courses (maximum 2) is mandatory.

Discount of 15% on classes cards for students already enrolled with an annual subscription.

5 classes card
Validity 2 months
Dance 155.-
Pilates – PBT – BàT 165.-
10 classes card
Validity 3 months
Dance 280.-
Pilates – PBT – BàT 300.-

General conditions & internal rules

The school does not cover the risks against accident or sickness. Each student must have his/her own insurance.

The school is not responsible for any damage, accidents, injuries caused or suffered during classes or during performances as well as for lost, stolen or forgotten items in the school premises. Students are advised not to leave any valuable items in the changing-room (purse, jewellery, money, mobile phone, etc.).

Unless specified otherwise by the child’s legal representative, management retains the right to use photography and/or filmed images taken during lessons or shows for school communication (website – brochures – program). No commercial use will be made of such photos or films.

Proper outfit and a respectful behaviour towards everyone are required within the school.
The dance school is not a playground, please remain calm during classes and in the hallways, locker rooms and cafeteria. Mobile phones must be turned off in the classroom.

We can refuse access to classes for the following reasons: bad behaviour, non-respect of internal rules, repetitive late arrivals without excuses. Level not up to par with the class, in which case, students will be guided to another class.

Students wishing to use a studio outside school classes (trainings, rehearsals, etc.) and/or take private lessons must talk directly to the director. Only students are admitted in the changing-rooms.

For hygiene reasons, outdoor shoes are not allowed in the studios. Please wear indoor sneakers with white sole for hip-hop / street / dancehall and gym classes.
Food and soft drinks are not allowed in the studios.
Thank you for respecting the cleanness of premises and equipment available.

In order to not disturb classes, we kindly ask you not to enter into a studio in the middle of a lesson. People wishing to watch a class are requested to show up at the reception beforehand and to attend the whole class.

The lockers are allocated in priority to students in training and to adults following several lessons per week. Rental for one year: 20.-
Lost or broken keys will be charged 10.- extra.

To be used for the duration of the class, the student must bring his own lock.

Dance Area

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Dance Area

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